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The Drop Review

by Elijah Rawlingson September 22, 2014
The Drop is a film about characters about ordinary people in believable situations doing what it seems normal people would do. The film is centered around what is known as a “drop” bar. This a randomly chosen bar where, for one night, all of the dirty money in the area flows through. Tom Hardy plays […]
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The Sunday Beat: 09/21/14

by Elijah Rawlingson September 21, 2014
This has been an unsuspectingly big week for tech and video games. Welcome back to the Sunday beat, here is what is worth reading.     1: Crescent Bay Oculus has just opened the doors to its newest “Rift” prototype, the “Crescent Bay”. For those of you that have been following the ongoing growth of […]
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Tritton Kunai Review

by Elijah Rawlingson September 21, 2014
The Tritton Kunai PC/Mac headset is an affordable and functional little piece of gear. Let’s start this off with what you will first notice… Design: The Kunai is a relatively small headset. The size of an average pair of headphones. Of course as expected from any Tritton headset, the earpieces are square. I actually quite […]

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Mac DeMarco: Pepperoni Playboy

by Elijah Rawlingson September 18, 2014
If you haven’t heard the sweet eclectic sound that is Mac DeMarco, you really should give him a listen. But if you want a peek into his head and sense of humor this documentary should give you a pretty good taste. Remember, indie is always a cabin in the woods. Mac DeMarco – Pepperoni Playboy […]
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Seriously, Check Out the Humble Indie Bundle

by Elijah Rawlingson September 16, 2014
Okay, this is a simple request, go to the Humble Bundle website, check out their Humble Indie Bundle 12, realize they were all great then pay what you want for them. But if i am going to be more detailed, SteamWorld Dig, Hammerwatch, and Gunpoint can be attained for the price you choose. Though as […]

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Halo Reach is Free on Xbox

by Elijah Rawlingson September 16, 2014
Speaking of Bungie, yes I know you were just reading about Destiny, they used to Shepard a relatively unknown franchise called “Halo”. If you have heard of the indie release and have Xbox Live Gold you are in luck, Halo: Reach, Bungie’s swan song for the franchise is free from now to the end of […]
DnD Featured

The Dos and Don’ts of Destiny

by Elijah Rawlingson September 15, 2014
  (This is a post beta article, be sure to check out our review tomorrow, these sort of act as my first impressions and still apply, rather largely to the full release, enjoy!) I am sure most of the people reading this article have played the Destiny beta. It garnered huge numbers and mixed but […]
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The Sunday Beat – 9/14/14

by Elijah Rawlingson September 14, 2014
Welcome to the “Sunday Beat”, an Exile original that stems from our old website, this is where we compile the best articles around the web from the week. These are must read bits of news, long form features, and all around cool stuff. Come back every Sunday to stay on top of the beat.   […]


Retro for the Weekend: Rogue Legacy

by Elijah Rawlingson September 12, 2014
Rogue Legacy is actually not a game from any previous console cycle. In fact it is a pretty recent game that found its footing on Steam’s Greenlight service. But if you were to delve into it’s RPG systems and 2D platforming action the line between new indie title and a game from the 80’s is […]
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A Few Words From Bungie Before the Launch of Their “Destiny”

by Elijah Rawlingson September 8, 2014
As I am sure thousands of you know, Destiny will be in the hands of a ridiculous amount of players tonight at midnight. If you have followed me and read some of my Top 5 articles, you know Halo is my favorite franchise of all time. Truly there are few things as exciting for me […]
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