Tomee Review #2

Tech Review: Tomee SNES USB Controller

by Elijah Rawlingson October 21, 2014
I have always had a great respect for classic video games and enjoyed many of them on their original consoles. Some of the best games ever made called the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES, their home. A lot of people know this and begin to become interested in finding a way to play these […]
Top 5 Oct Cover

Top 5: Games To Play Before Halloween

by Elijah Rawlingson October 21, 2014
It is October, horror is in the air and Halloween is on its way. This is the best time to find a girl, friend, or girlfriend to play some horrific video games with. I play a lot of titles in the horror genre looking for the next truly great one, and through my adventures I […]

On The Defense: Splinter Cell Conviction

by Elijah Rawlingson October 19, 2014
So I am going to try a new series of articles called “On the Defense”. The point of these articles is to take games that are generally dis-liked in the gaming community and show the bright side of them. Most of these games are just hated on because they didn’t live up to their own […]


Have You Ever Heard of That One Video Gamer?

by Elijah Rawlingson October 16, 2014
Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil, on his channel, “That One Video Gamer” has caught my eye recently. And I just couldn’t stand by without sharing my love for his show. He is a hardcore gamer, through and through. His show basically singles out a game that he completes 100%, then he shares his thoughts on the […]
Bungie's D Cover

Bungie’s Destiny is for the Players

by Elijah Rawlingson October 16, 2014
Yesterday Bungie added a nice little treat for those of us following the game, and especially those of us who became addicts to the Skywatch loot cave. It is a really interesting sentiment and the beginning of a dialogue between Bungie’s game and the players who populate it. Check out the video here: Loot Cave […]


The 55 Most Epic Burning Man Photos

by Noah Rawlingson September 30, 2014
Every year 50,000 people ascend on Black Rock, Nevada for Burning Man. These are the 55 best photos from the festival.  H
MsM Cover

Mobile Games Should Be Mobile

by Elijah Rawlingson September 24, 2014
There has been a trend in the mobile game space, mostly built upon by Take-Two Interactive, in which bigger publishers port their console titles onto iOS and Android platforms. Recently Bioshock an amazing, story driven, first person shooter was released on iOS. And really all I can say about it is, damn what a shame […]
The Drop Cover

The Drop Review

by Elijah Rawlingson September 22, 2014
The Drop is a film about characters about ordinary people in believable situations doing what it seems normal people would do. The film is centered around what is known as a “drop” bar. This a randomly chosen bar where, for one night, all of the dirty money in the area flows through. Tom Hardy plays […]

SBeat cover

The Sunday Beat: 09/21/14

by Elijah Rawlingson September 21, 2014
This has been an unsuspectingly big week for tech and video games. Welcome back to the Sunday beat, here is what is worth reading.     1: Crescent Bay Oculus has just opened the doors to its newest “Rift” prototype, the “Crescent Bay”. For those of you that have been following the ongoing growth of […]
Kunai Review Cover

Tritton Kunai Review

by Elijah Rawlingson September 21, 2014
The Tritton Kunai PC/Mac headset is an affordable and functional little piece of gear. Let’s start this off with what you will first notice… Design: The Kunai is a relatively small headset. The size of an average pair of headphones. Of course as expected from any Tritton headset, the earpieces are square. I actually quite […]
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